About Us

 “The old, the infirm and the children,

Are loving forms of God.

Serve them with heart and soul

And win laurels of the Lord.”

1. About us:-

This quotation of Param Hans Sant Hirdaramji Sewa Sahib inspired a group of NRI’s to serve the under privilege class of society by providing to serve and enrich lives through clinical excellence and this idea gave birth to Deepmala Pagarani Hospital and Research Center, Ajmer under  the pious blessing of Sant Hirdaram Sewa Trust in Nov. 2005.

“Sant Hirdaram Sewa Trust” was formed to promote Deepmala Pagarani Hospital & Research Center, Ajmer by NRI’s. The natural resources of India settled in foreign, which are committed to serve the suffering of humanity at minimum cost to ready

2. Our Vision:-

  • Serve  and enriching lives of unprivileged class of society.
  • Provide health care organization known for clinical excellence on no profit basises.
  • Provide maximum relief to suffering of human community by rendering outstanding clinical hospitality.

3. Milestones:-

              Establish Multifunctional Super Specialist Kidney Center with hemodialysis treatment which is a never ending process, once started & specially unprivileged community can’t bear the recurring cost of treatment & suffers the most. The Ajmer Center will match the international standards.

4. Our Contact:-

Deepmala Pagarani Hospital & Research Center
A-76,Inside Swami Madhav Dwar,
Adarsh Nagar,
Ajmer Raj.(India)
Ph.No.   +91-145-2445446/2445447/2445448
Fax No. +91-145-2445445
Email Id.  info@deepmalahospitalajmer.com

5. Our Trustees:-

 6. Other Trustees :-

  1. Late R. D. Rajwani
  2. Ramesh P. Thanwani
  3. Deepak L Pagarani
  4. Late Maya Pagarani
  5. Koshila lachmandas Pagarani
  6. Shakuntla Lachmandas Hiranandani

7. Our Management:-

Ex. Chief AdviserGurbax Merani

After retirement from the post of Divisional Manager, LIC in year 1993. He resolved to dedicate the services for the benefit of society. He is associated with no. of charitable institutions & rendering his honorly services to Deepmala Pagarani Hospital & Research Center, Ajmer, since inception of the hospital 2014.

Ex. Chief Medical SuperintendDr. Jawahar Gargiya

After superannuation from the post of Chief Medical and Health Officer & being close associate of Medical fertility, he was apted to be associated with the most prestigious medical services venture of Deepmala Pagarani Hospital & Research Center, Ajmer. He is the man of great knowledge and experience in handling the issues concerning medical services.