Our Trustee

Mr. Lachmandas K Pagarani

Mr. Lachmandas Kalachand Pagarani the founder and chairman of the Dubai based Al-Maya Group has bade his spiritual self harmoniously blended with his materialistic perceptions of life. He is a leading philanthropic besides being seasoned entrepreneur.

Under his care and directions there are lots of social welfare activities are being carried on, which includes schools & hospital for poor and needy section of society. He is also involved with many other charitable organizations worldwide and have been actively providing his financial support along with his committed heart and soul to them.

In year 2005 he was asked by Paramhans Sant Hirdaram Sahib to take up the responsibility of setting up a hospital in Ajmer, as there was no reasonable hospital with the "Hemodialysis" facility in Ajmer city and most of the patients had to go to Jaipur or Delhi for this purposes. Mr. Pagarani took the responsibility to set up this hospital under blessings from Paramhans Sant Hirdaram Sahib and today with god's grace he has been able to fulfill the promises he gave it to Paramhans Santji.

Today this hospital has been a multifunctional hospital and has been one of the leading hospital of Ajmer

Lachmandas Kalachand Pagarani

Message from Mr. L.K. Pagarani

"With the blessingsĀ  of Paramhans Sant Hirdaram Sahib I am very pleased with the services offered by this hospital to the needy and poor people of the society. I congratulate the entire management and staff of Deepmala Pagarani Hospital and Research Centre Ajmer for providing their full support to establish and smoothly operate the hospital, without their support this dream would not have come true. We have been able to provide and add many new services over a period of time, we hope in future we would be able to invite more specialist from different cities.

With the grace of God and support from other trustees, we will ensure that this hospital outstand in Ajmer city and becomes a leading examples in other city as well".

Thanwar Bulani

Mr. Thanwar Bulani

He is one of the incorporators in "Sant Hirdaramji Sewa Trust, Ajmer" and monitors day to day working of hospital after he returns from West Africa and settle permanently at Ajmer in year 2006.