Dental Wing

DPHRC, Hospital is the Ultra - Modern state of the atrs, Super Speciality Hospital in Ajmer

DPHRC, Hospital have well equipped advance Dental Care for Various type of Dental Implant, Dental -Crown, Root - Canal Treatment, D-Ultra Scaling Felling and Anesthetic Density for Major and MInor Surgeries of Dental Problem.

DPHRC, Hospital have well highly experienced team of Dental - Surgeon, Anesthetic & Para-medical Team.

Dental care is equally important to maintain a good health because it does not keep healthy mouth, gums, and teeth but also reduce the possibilities of major diseases, as heart complications, strokes, diseases problem etc because health teeth refers in digesting the food problems.

We are providing dental treatment under the supervision of well qualified trained staff and the unit is equipped with latest modern machines.

Following are the facilities available with us at a very reasonable cost:-

Oral Surgeries :-

Tooth Extractions :-

Hopeless Tooth

Root Stumps

Third Molars : – 

Sometime wisdom teeth can grow at various angles in the jaw.

Treatment:- It has to be removed surgically

Gums Enlargement :-


Due to poor oral hygiene

Poor ill fitting dentures

Some medicine side effects

Treatment:- Have to removed the enlarge gum (Gingiva)

Dental Treatment that we are providing:- 

Endodontic Treatment :-

Root Canal Treatment :-

What is Root Canal System? 

It contains the dental pulp and extends from the germs of the tooth to the end of the root.

It takes 2-3 sitting. 

Pulp has been removed and enlarged root canal.

After that can will be filled.

Why it gets infected? When dental pulp will begin to die or infected.

Reasons :- 

Improper brushing cause regular food lodgment poor oral hygiene.

Ortho Treatment :-

Why it required :-

It required in people having improper angulated teeth.

People having spacing in teeth.

In procline teeth.

What is Ortho Treatment : – Placement orthodontic braces and wires to align teeth.

Time :- Actual time needed depends on complexity.

Benefits :-

Improve appearance

Improve biting & chewing

Periodontal Problems:-

Reasons :-

Poor oral hygiene

Improper brushing method

Eating sticky & fast food frequently.

Symptoms :-

Bad breathing

Gums bleeding

Mobility in teeth

Swollen gums & pain

Less mouth opening

Mouth burning & useless

Treatment :–

We are providing proper brushing guidelines

Deep cleaning & polish teeth.

Prosthodontic Treatment :-

In this we provide treatment patients who having :- Missing teeth or extracted teeth.

Treatment :-

Removable partial denture.

Fixed partial denture, (Bridges)

Fractured Teeth :-

BT/T by capping :- Patient who have lost all teeth.

Treatment :-

Complete denture

We are also providing implant for Replacement of missing or extracted tooth

Denture can be made by implant supported.

Dental Fillings :- White feelings (tooth colored) and Silver fillings

Fractured teeth can be resorted by tooth colored filling.

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