Physiotherapy Wing

Deepmala Pagarani and Hospital & Research Center, Hospital is the Ultramodern state of the Atrs & Super Speciality Hospital in Ajmer. 

Deepmala Pagarani and Hospital & Research Center, Hospital have well equipped advance Physio Care Unit Physiotherapy Wing Felicities for all type of Spondylysis, Cervical Pain, Pain Sci-tica Back-Pain, Paralysis, Cevebral Palsy & excellent Physio Care of all Problems.

Deepmala Pagarani and Hospital & Research Center, Hospital have well highly experienced, Qualified Physiotherapist for your Pain Care & Team.

Facility of " Postoperative Physiotherapy"

We have all shifted physiotherapy department equipped with latest machinery & well qualified doctors.

What is Physiotherapy:- 

It is a health care profession which aims to enable patients to maximize their independence and improve quality of life.(QOL) 

Treatment :– Methods used to promote maintain and restore physical psychological and social well being.

Facilities:– Department have professional, caring, responsible atmosphere.

Electrotherapy :– Includes all the electronic machinery which are used in therapist purpose.

Example :–

Exercise Therapy :- All equipments used by patients to do exercise and attain relaxation.


Treatment available for :- Disorders like

We are continuously developing our services for providing more comfort and noble services to patients.

Orthopedic Department :- Our hospital has highly qualified orthopedic surgeon with experience of 35 years. He is supported by professionally qualified nursing staff:- Following procedures and treatments are available at a very reasonable cost :-

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