General Surgery

Veley Surgery Unit - Surgery is the oldest art of medical science since our ancient surgeon “Shushruta”.

Deepmala Pagarani and Hospital & Research Center, Hospital is the Ultramodern state of the atrs and Super Speciality Hospital in Ajmer.

Deepmala Pagarani and Hospital & Research Center, Hospital have well equipped advance air-conditioned Operation Theater for all Type of Major and Minor Surgeries.

Deepmala Pagarani and Hospital & Research Center, Hospital have highly experienced team of Senior Surgeon, Anesthetic Para Medical Team.

Well Facility for Vasectomy and Hysterectomy (Male & Female) available as per Govt. Norms.

It clear the patient for getting maximum relief with respect of his disease/illness by performing complex operative procedures.

If any body part organ or related system get defective or abnormal and conservative medicaments can not helpful to treat patients properly then surgery is the only answer to save the life. The damaged body part/organ is repaired or removed and mode functional with the aid by surgery in RTA Road Traffic Accidents. Surgical intervene is the only answer which gives life to patients.

The miracle of modern surgery is that there is minimal blood loss due to use of modern equipment's like Telescope, Laser, Robotic arm etc. as they do precise, minimum invasive interventional surgery, so there is no complication occur.

By surgery Appendix, Hernea, Hydrocoele, Piles, Fissure, Goiter, Tumor of breast, Stone of gall bladder, Kidney, Intestinal ibsnutuibm gabgrebe etc a large no. of disease are not only treated effectively but also life treating condition like coronary by  pass surgery, kidney, liver, bone marrow, paryplant, brain and spinal  injury and tumors treated.

These all above mentioned cannot be treated by other modalities of medical science, microscopic surgery and needle biopsies are also the one dimension of surgery where, we get a piece/tissue for diagnosing the type and cause of disease.

Now a days cosmetic surgery has key role includes Batriatic Surgery, face litting Surgery and many patient having natural by birth defect like cleft pallat, lips and cangential heart direan are also curable by surgery only.

We provide best surgical treatment under the supervision of well qualified and experienced surgeons. Our surgeon treats is well equipped with all the required facilities. A facility of post operation ward is available. Qualified surgeon is also there for 24×7 days.

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